Thursday, May 21, 2009

Preparing an English Exam! - What's the matter about drugs?

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Mañana tengo examen de Inglés en quick learning y tendré que escribir un ensayo acerca de alguno de los temas revisados en la unidad. Para preparar mi examen decidí escribir acerca de la legalización de drogas.


There are two kinds of problems when we are talking about drugs. The first one, is the serious injury that a person can do him or herself when consuming drugs, this is that I call "the personal problem" and the second one is that kind of problems that are presented when a big ammount of people consume drugs, I call it the "social problem". Let's speak about both of them.

Usually, people who use drugs, are not thinking about they could become drug adicts. Someone who starts with drugs is sure that drugs will be an amazing experience, a way to feel pleasure or simply another way to get fun. They could say "Oh, my best friend use drugs and he is so healthy and successful!" or "Many of really succesful people like singers, politicians and artists usually use drugs and they are very famous"

Maybe they are right. Of course, drugs are an amazing way to feel pleasure. Your life change really. If drugs wouldn't delicious, they weren't as adictive as they actually are.

I know that there are many people who use drugs once or twice, and then they leave them. However, how can I know if I'm going to become a drug addict the first time that I try? There is no way to know that.

Disadvantages of being a drug addict are a lot. There are many people who lost their jobs, their families, their intelligence, their health and actually their own lifes. Usually teenagers say: but I know someone who has been used drugs for a long time and it's ok. I could not trust in that thinking. Percentage of damaged people are greater than percentage of safe drug users.

Although there is a real serious personal problem when someone use drugs, usually youth say: "It's my life, and I can do whatever I want with it!" Of course they are right. Each person can waste their lifes in the way that they prefer. But the reality is other. When someone use drugs, it's not damaging only its life but the society sorrounded it. The damage begins with your family. People becomes less productive, more agressive and violents. Drugs makes deliquency easier since most of drug addicts lose their jobs and have to steal in order to obtain drugs. And so on.

What would happen if a big percentage of the inhabitants of a country became addicted to drugs? Who will pay the expensive treatments that must be paid in order to people leave drugs? Drugs have a very high cost that is not only personal.

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